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I think practice and process are very important for writing and photography, but practicing for adventure photography has always seemed very difficult to me. Things happen so fast during activities and sports, it's easy to let the key moments slip past and later regret not getting the shot. So, I look for other, less chaotic places to practice. One odd place I like to practice for adventure photography is at art museums. They're usually pretty busy with people and installations, so it takes some work to clear out the clutter and noise and find a shot that might work. This shot was about five years ago upstairs at the St Louis art museum. I kept coming back to this statue for an hour because she looked so cool--but my first 20 photos never captured it. Eventually, I noticed this guided tour group working around the upper floor, so I lurked around near the statue for a while. As luck would have it, they moved right into this shot. Then I got the heck out of there because I think they called security.