Photos - Mike Bezemek Photography
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Sometimes I wish paddling writing/photography involved a bit more paddling than writing/photography. This shot is from Sardinia about 5 years ago. I started out in adventure writing as just a writer, but starting 7 years ago I began working hard to improve my photography at the suggestion of an editor. Anyways, this shot came with a bit of an epiphany. While I really wanted to paddle through this section of the coast with the others, I instead beached my boat on shore and followed along from the cliffs above. It was the right call to get the shot, because it is a job, and the goal is to provide the best work for the readers. The waves picked up after this and we had to bail on this area, so I never got to paddle these little slot canyons in the Tyrrhenian Sea. And I love that type of stuff. But it was a good lesson that when I'm on a project, the work has to come first.